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An Interim Payroll Service

As the local economy begins to improve, many small business are starting to bring back former employees for short term projects - OR - they may need to hire a temp crew.

As a business owner, the issue is….

“Do I want to rehire as permanent employees; do I include them in my regular payroll; or should I pay them as independent contractors (1099)”

  • If you rehire you might have to go through the painful termination process which can affect your unemployment insurance rates.
  • If you 1099, you will probably not get the worker covered under your workers’ compensation insurance AND you are open to an audit by the state to prove the worker meets the definition of an independent contractor.

HR Dynamics has a better solution!

  • HR Dynamics will treat your former employees and/or new employees as temporary workers.
  • HR Dynamics will get W-4 and I-9 paperwork completed.
  • The person will become (legally) an employee of HR Dynamics and covered under our workers’ compensation insurance.
  • HR Dynamics pays the employees weekly and invoices you weekly for their base hourly pay, FICA, unemployment insurance, workers’ comp insurance and our administrative fee.
  • Your company can terminate the payroll arrangement with us at any time without penalty.
  • Best of all: No set up fee, No minimum number of employees, No minimum number of worked hours per week.


Several companies in Indian River County who use this service include:

  • Construction Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Distributors

This unique service is ideal for any business that has a seasonal upswing and needs to treat employment costs as a flexible expense.

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