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We represent carefully selected employee leasing companies who are licensed in Florida. Our mission is to find the best employee leasing company (PEO) to match your company’s needs.

Benefits of Employee Leasing
Employee leasing companies, also referred to as Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), offer 3 important benefits for small and mid-size companies:
  • Outsource the HR Function Today’s business environment requires total focus on a company’s core competency. Outsourcing non-core functions has become a way of life. The human resource function can be effectively outsourced by Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s) whose focus is totally on human resource management for all of their clients. The PEO must stay on top of all changes in taxes, government filings, and labor laws (there are more than 60 federal laws regulating employment).
  • Large Scale Benefit Plan - The PEO is constantly in the marketplace to evaluate and contract with the best and most cost efficient underwriters. The economies of scale allow us to offer health and other benefits at a price which can be as much as half of the cost of what a small company would pay on their own. We are able to offer a complete suite of benefits. Most important, we can offer each employee the opportunity to pick their personal benefit plan through a cafeteria 125 plan (pre-tax!).
  • Payroll Administration - The payroll function is a non-revenue, complicated process. This is a core function of the PEO where they operate very efficiently. Federal income and unemployment taxes are the responsibility of the PEO, and paychecks can be directly deposited into employees’ accounts or even printed on site. Detailed invoices are prepared each pay period, and supplemental insurance products and a 401(k) is available for employee participation.

What To Look For With An Employee Leasing Company, PEO

Must meet all the licensing and financial requirements established by the state of Florida listed on the website

  • Should be licensed in Florida for at least 5 years.
  • Should provide workers' compensation insurance for both new and established companies.
  • Must provide a no obligation quote which breaks out all the costs, especially the administration fee the PEO charges.
  • Does the PEO have a good track record of hands-on customer service in your geographic area? The PEO should provide references of local clients.



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