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Our Hiring Process

Because we know the local market and realize the importance of a cultural fit in addition to a candidate's skills, knowledge and abilities we have designed a unique process for meeting the staffing needs of each client.

  • Each staffing assignment is approached on a custom basis
  • We typically meet with each client, at their location, to assess not only the specific skill set and salary level needed for the assignment but the personality of the company and the key attributes of those candidates who would be best suited
  • Before submitting a candidate to the client, all candidates are thoroughly screened through:
    • personal face to face interviews (when possible) with an HR Dynamics' consultant
    • skill testing using proven computer based nationally recognized tests
    • preliminary reference checks, often with locally known employers

We will schedule qualified candidates selected by the client for interviews at a time and place convenient for the client.  Once the client decides on a final candidate, we complete the necessary background checks and/or drug screens and make the necessary arrangements for them to begin work.

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