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Performance Management - The Development of Employees

Written on October 2, 2013 at 1:43 pm, by Donna

The potential for an organization’s success in productivity, efficiency, customer service, or innovation relies on the performance of its employees. Directing employee performance is the key responsibility of supervisors and managers!

Employers and employees now expect more involvement, more accountability, and more transparency when it comes to managing performance. Employees have shifted from being passive recipients of an annual performance appraisal to active participants in their development and that of the organization. Supervisors have to take on more of a coaching role than the role of the enforcer that was seen in the past.

Performance Management is not about completing a form or fulfilling an HR requirement. Performance Management is about the development of employees. It's about aligning employee performance with organizational objectives and priorities.

Supervisors need to continuously coach and provide feedback to their employees. They need to “check-in” throughout the entire performance cycle. The following activities are at the core of the Performance Management process:

  • Pay attention to your employees doing their job, notice when they need help, provide performance correction when necessary and offer both positive and negative feedback
  • Conduct formal and informal coaching on a regular basis
  • Provide timely, specific and constructive feedback in order to help your employees and your organization be successful
  • Set individual goals that align with organizational goals and provide employees with a sense of achievement and satisfaction
  • Reassure employees that you want to help them succeed in their role and identify their areas of strength as well as those areas that need improvement

There is a clear correlation between those organizations with sound Performance Management practices and those who achieve business success. Organizational benefits include:

  • Financial gains based on improved production and service
  • Goal achievement based on alignment of employee goals with organizational goals
  • Improved employee engagement and morale because everyone understands how they directly contribute to the organization's overall goals
  • Improved processes through well documented and well communicated directives and expectations

Considering the impact Performance Management can have on your organization, maybe it's time to take a look at your current process. Our team at HR Dynamics would be happy to speak with you about enhancing your Performance Management process.  

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